Hi guys,

Been working a lot since I got back home from Berlin and it has been going really good and soon I’m of to Bulgaria.

Something that I love but also is very hard sometimes is the life as a bodybuilder and a entrepreneur.

As a bodybuilder you live a certain lifestyle with training and nutrition, you really have to plan ahead of time and be prepared for the days to come. You eat on a schedule and train on a schedule!

When you are traveling it is even more planning involved because then you have to look up where the gym is, is it far from the hotel, is it expensive to train day to day there. You also need to find good food the are beneficial for your goals as an athlete.

As a entrepreneur you have a business to run and you often in the beginning don’t have a certain schedule to follow, you are working around the clock and trying to get everything started so that is when it get’s hard to plan ahead.


So far I have manage it good, but now it is time to step it up another level and to be great at it. Especially now that I have found an opportunity that with hard work can make me financial free before I am 30 and then I truly can dedicate life to bodybuilding if I want to.

Because for me this is me, I am a bodybuilder and a entrepreneur. I wanna be professional in both so I need to act like I already am.

Like Kai Greene says ”You gotta think it before it happen”.  

It will be hard, it will be long days and sometimes you will feel like quitting, but I know that I am born to do this and I know I can to it really good. So I just need to have the discipline, courage and belief. 

Lucky for me I will never be alone in this thanks to my girlfriend who is superwoman and I also will never be alone thanks to the team I am starting to build, we all work together and help each other.

Some tips for you guys that might be in the same situation:

  1. Plan ahead with food, always have meals ready to take with you and have meals with you when you are out. Sometimes you go out for a meeting and all of a sudden you have another 3 meetings booked before you have had your first. You can say no to meetings because you need to go home and eat.
  2. When you are traveling in your country or outside the country, look up where the gyms are and the prices. See how far it is from your hotel and the opening hours. Maybe call ahead and try to make some kind of good deal. 
  3. Have protein bars, powder and other supplements with you and always check if it is a problem to take it with you into the country. 
  4. Join me and travel the world while we are building muscles and having a lot of fun at the same time. 


Believe to achieve.



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