Hey guys,

On the flight back home to Sweden after 4 days in Sofia Bulgaria.

Some people has been surprised when I told them I was there on holiday/vacation. Maybe not the most common place to visit. Have you been there?

We arrived on Wednesday night and had of course a private chauffeur to pick us up and drop us of at the hotel.

We stayed at Hotel Favorit, a very good 3 star hotel with good rooms and near the city central. 

The breakfast was really bad for somebody like me, a bodybuilder. Very little to choose from and quite bad service.

But I did manage, I started by order 8-10 boiled eggs and did only eat the egg whites.

A tip, always ask them if they can do an egg white omelette for you so you don’t have to peel all the damn eggs.

Most hotels can make you an omelette, this one could not. 

Like I said in my last blog post I try to always look up if either the hotel gym is good or if they even have one.

Or I check if their is any nearby. The hotel did not have a gym but I had looked up that it was a gym 2 min walk from the hotel.

A good but really ”hardcore” gym, the weights was everywhere and it was really cold in the room with the free weights. 

So a much longer warm up the normal then I was good to go! 

Another tip about the gym, always go to the gym before you are going to workout and see what is good to train here and what is not.

I know some people say I just need some weights and then I am good to go, yeah of course that is true.

But if you are like me and strive for the normal quality you have when you train at home, plan what is best to workout at this particular gym. 

Something that was perfect but also very hard, was the food.

It was very cheap so it was not a problem to eat BIG! I always ordered two meals for me when it was time to eat and it cost like one or even less. 

But to find good food was harder and the service also was not the best. But I found it was good to order some chicken file or breast with potatoes and a pizza on the side.

Got the protein and the calories, BooM!!

I recommend Sofia, a city with cool architecture and a lot of history. It really is left over from the war and the houses looks really worn out. 

Very cheap also, as I said so you can eat a lot but the tricky part is to find a good place to eat. 

Something I have learned this year after visiting 4 different countries in Europe is to always bring my own coffee, some instant coffee.

I am a real coffee junkie, just regular plain old black dark strong coffee and in Europe they most often never heard of this.

They have all these crazy things like cappuccino, espresso, macchiato etc but not the easiest coffee to make, LOL!! 

Another thing that we did was to see a movie, Fantastic beasts.

But the cool part was that we saw it in 4dX, something I have never tried before.

4dX is when you have 3D but also the chairs is shaking and moving if something happens in the movie.

If there is smoke in the movie, smoke comes out in the movie theater and water as well, so it was a very cool experience! 

So to summarize Sofia: 

– very cheap, you can eat a lot and buy cheap clothes. 

– difficult to find good quality food.

– Exciting history with cool architecture.

– People not so good at English. 

– Will I go back, yes I will. 

Believe to achieve. 


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  1. Seems like you’ve had a good weekend overall, great for recharging batteries for next weeks challenges at the Gym and work…!!! Welcome back, Stockholm monday, tuesday and wednesday, then Luleå…so let’s set the weeks schedule straight 💪😏👊



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