Hey guys,

My all time favorite story and the tv show that actually saved my life was Smallville.

For you guys who don’t know it, it’s about Superman growing up and the Journey from Clark Kent to Superman. 

Superman is a favorite story for a lot of people I can imagine, for me it means everything. 

To see the meaning behind the story, it is about a man who don’t fit in, who struggles because nobody really knows who he is or what he is capable of. He just wants to fit in.

For me, I have always feelt like an outsider who didn’t fit in. I feelt like People did not think like me, acted like me or want the same things.

I wanted the world, I wanted to affect people in a positive way and become wealthy, I wanted to become a man of hope and inspiration. 

I feel like I am on the same journey as Superman, right now try my to inspire and help one person at the time until I can inspire millions. 

Superman is not about his awesome powers like super strength, super speed or flying etc.

His true power is giving people hope for a better tomorrow, for a better world no matter who you are or want your background is. 

That’s the power I wanna share everywhere with everyone. Giving people hope and inspiration in their lives. 

Just like Superman we all get ”haters” or people who will call us a vigilante, it comes with the territory.

One of my favorite scenes from Smallville is when Superman has lost almost all his hope for humans and wanna give up..

Then Chloe and Lois put together a video on the computer from thousands of people telling Superman Thank you for being you, thank you for giving us hope and thank you for inspiring us. 

We Believe in you”. 

That is all somebody need to hear sometimes, that I believe in you, you can change the world. 

I am still Clark Kent, all the struggles are there and I still have a long way to go, but I will never give up on what I believe in. What I wanna do! 

We can all be Superman if we want to! 

Believe to achieve. 



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