2016, new life.

Hi guys,

One word to summarize 2016, AMAZING.

2016 has been truly a great year and it was a long time since a felt this good and also felt this pumped up for the coming year of 2017.

This year started of not as planned, I became sick for a few weeks and could not train, work or even walk. Lucky for me I moved in with the love of my life Marina and she also opened up my eyes for a world full of opportunities. She has totally changed my life forever.

After I became healthy again and moved in with Marina everything changed, I quit my job and started a whole new career, also joined a travel club and went on 4 vacations during 2016.

That is equal vacations I have taken totally during my first 25 years of my life and half of those trips were with my former great sponsor Better Bodies.

I saved a total of 13.000kr this year on my vacations and my first trip during 2017 is a Caribbean cruise for 7 days and there I save a total of 4000kr. BooM!!!


I have also gotten to know a bunch of new amazing people who now are great friends, people with high goals and see life from almost the same eyes as I do.

I also have lost a few people who were more negative the positive, so 2016 has also been a sorting year of people.

Believe it or not, but the people you hang out with and talk to has a influence in your life more then you know. So why let people destroy your mind? Because you have been friends for so long? Because you work together? Because you grew up together? NO, you deserve better and you deserve people that lifts you up and always supports you.

I have got a new mentor that believes in me and are willing to help me reach my goals, this guy is truly amazing and has the life I want to have. Like Tony Robbins I believe in doing what other successful people has done if you want that result.

Why reinvent the wheel?

So 2017, that year has already started. I don’t make new years resolutions and have the goals for 2017 set on the last day of the year,

I make plans and the plan for 2017 was set a while ago, I am really pumped up. 2017:s focus will be MONEY, FREEDOM, TRAVEL, BODYBUILDING, FRIENDSHIPS and having a lot of fun. Building my team bigger and bigger and eventually have a team that works together, travel together and party together.

One of my goals is to travel at least 8 times during 2017, starting of with that Bahamas in February.

If you guys wanna upgrade your travel and save some money, send me a message on facebook or email me.


Some tips for 2017: 

  • Set up goals NOW if you haven’t already.
  • Set a deadline for each goal and make a plan, what do you have to do if you are going to reach it before your deadline.
  • Make the goals fun, try to make the plans and the journey fun.
  • When you reach a goal, do something for you, go out for dinner, buy something you want etc.
  • Find people that help you, support you and wants you do succeed.
  • Set up more then one goal, I would say at least 10 goals, some small some big and have goals for every part in your life. Business, friend/family, work, training, learning etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your goals with your closest friends or family, they will remind you when you perhaps loose motivation.
  • ALWAYS WRITE THEM DOWN and have them around the apartment/house so you can look at them everyday.
  • Smile and laugh more, be serious but enjoy everything life has to offer.

Believe to Achieve. 



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