Greatness is now

Hey guys,

Something that I realized sometimes ago, or actually I realized it fully right now in this moment.

I realized that greatness is now!

I always knew from a young age that I was meant for more in life, I was born to achieve my dreams that I have no matter how big they were. 

I never had this word ”limitation” or the question ”can I do it” in the back of my head.

I know some people when they think of a goal they want to achieve or a dream they wanna have, they first thing the comes to there heads are that word or they question.

They don’t control it or choose to have those things come to there head it just is.. 

I never had that, I just said right away, I am going to have that, why should I not have that. 

But the biggest mistake I made was thinking ”someday” I am going to be that person or have that car, that house or that job etc.

Why was that a misstake?

Because first of all, someday doesn’t exist, it is a made up word. Someday means neverday! 

Second, you need to mentally be where you wanna be before you are there in ”real” life. 

Kai Greene, one of the best bodybuilders ever is an expert on that. He says you gotta think it before it happens, he is mentally there before he is physically there. 

He is a master of his thoughts, like we all should be. 

Greatness is now!! Not tomorrow or someday, greatness starts with being great now.

Act as if you are there but work as if you are a millions miles away. 

It is different between acting like you are there and working as you are there.

Remember that you have ONE life, you can either make a living or designing a life. What do you choose?

Believe to achieve! 



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