Here we go

Hi Guys,

2 of January and the new year has started. I have always liked every time it is a new year, it feels like another page of the book is about to start and I am the one holding the pencil to write it.

Also everyone that knows me knows that I am very goal-oriented and believe that life need goals in order to grow and to become a better version of oneself.

2017 is really a super exciting year because the last few years before 2016 my life has pretty much been the same with bodybuilding, training and finding out what to do with my life when it comes to work.. Always had the same goals when it comes to life and where I wanna be in a few years but never knew how to get there.

But 2016 was the year when my life truly became different, I have found a woman that have so much energy and wants more out of life then normal, like me.

She supports me, teach me and makes me laugh. It is truly a blessing when you find somebody you can share your goals with no matter how ”crazy” they are. 

I have found out what to do with my life in order to achieve my goals, I have finally been given the tools and also gotten introduce to the right people who can teach me what I need to know, because they have the life I strive to have.

I have joined a travel club that has allowed me to travel 4 times this year which is as much that I have traveled during my first 25 years of my life and also saved 13.000kr total on these 4 trips.


Greece (Athens and Costa Navarino)
France (Paris)
Germany (Berlin and Tropical Island)
Bulgaria (Sofia)


In 32 days I will be going on a Caribbean cruise from Orlando down to the Bahamas and more.

Before 2016 I was never a big traveler, why? Because I couldn’t afford it and I also had a job that I needed to take time of from if I wanted to travel any other time then during the summer when everyone has vacation. Which meant money lost, today I don’t have that problem.

Now I know how much travel can do for people, it has totally changed me, Marina also read in here book that they had done tests with brain cells on people and people that travel had more brain cells then people that didn’t. 

So my point is, 2016 was the year of change and I started to build the legacy I always wanted to build and leave behind after I am gone.

It will be a snowball effect now, I started to roll the snowball during 2016, so it was like a warm-up, now the snowball will start moving during 2017 and it will eventually become a big ass snowball.

Best part is, I now work with like minded people that are also hungry for life, I hang around with fantastic people. It is like Law of attraction, what you are you attract.

Are you negative then you will attract negative people, are you positive, motivated then you will attract positive and motivated people. Very simple!

Some of my goals during 2017:

Travel to 8 destinations around the world.
Start to invest in real estate
Have at least 30.000kr/month in passive residual income.
Read 10 books. 
Workout at Golds gym in Venice
Squat 200kg for 3reps
Deadlift 250kg for 2reps


I have a lot more, but can’t tell everything, somethings is only for me and my mentor eyes.

Believe to achieve. 



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