2017 – time to compete again.

Hi guys,

January 10 and we are at full speed trying to make this the best year, we gotta start strong and put in full gear from the start instead of starting slow.

I saw this text  that really got me thinking ”We are 9 days into 2017. Approximately 2.5% of the year is gone… never to return. If you do what you’ve done for the past nine days 39 more times, how will the year turn out for you? It’s an important question.” 

A really good question right? If you think about it, do you feel happy with how the year has started, are you as excited as I am?

I really try to have the plan set on how to take me to my goals I have for this year. BUT I also plan the fun stuff, doing something every month with my girlfriend.

2017 is looking really good right now, January is a lot of work and I love my work I have.

In February I start the month by going on a Caribbean cruise for 7 days, Norwegian Epic. This will be my first cruise ever and first time going to USA, super excited.


March and April is a lot of work again, going to blitz for 30-40 days. I will explain what a blitz is in my next blogg post.

Me and Marina might also go to Texas in April, nothing is set in stone yet, but we are planning on going.

May is just around the corner and in May we will move to Gotland and the city Visby. We will stay there until at least august/september. Gotland will be AllWorkAllPlay.

After Gotland we probably won’t go back to Stockholm right away, we are planning on going to USA to visit Marinas relatives and also look at some real estates to invest in. 

Also I have a plan to compete again in Bodybuilding after a 3 year break (last time was 2014), if I feel ready and happy with my progress this summer I will start my diet for the winter competitions. If that is the case, I will compete in USA for the first time.

So you guys that have competed in USA before, any tips are welcome, I’ll by you a cup of coffee.


Why wait to compete for so long?

I have not felt ready, I have not been happy with my body. We bodybuilders don’t compete just do compete even if we love it.

We always want to make progress and we always (at least me) have a picture on how we wanna look. I have not felt like my body are even close to that picture how I wanna look during my next competition.

But if feels better and better, so the off-season I have now in the months ahead will be crucial for me.

Also, bodybuilding is a sport that are going on for 24 hours a day, it is training, meals, sleep, recovery etc.

To work also 8-9-10 hours/day on a job gives you less time to focus on bodybuilding and to have everything in perfect harmoni.

I also have felt that I need to build up to that lifestyle when I can control my own time during the day and focus on work when I want to and bodybuilding when I want/need to.

Now I am almost there where I control my day and I decide how I will spend my hours. So when it comes the time to start a diet, I won’t have to worry about doing something everyday for 8-10 hours/day that I might not even like doing or that don’t help me closer do my goal.


2017 will be a very exciting year and a lot of things will happen, the most important thing is that we take control and make things happen the way we want them to happen.

Also, stop care about others negative opinion. That gotta be number one, go your own way and the right people will be there to support you in the end.

Believe to Achieve.



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