New goals – January 

Hi guys,

A whole month has almost come and gone this year already and I think I am not the only one who feels like time flys by fast?

How has your year been so far? Have you started on your goals, have you come far and are very close to reach some goals? Or haven’t you started yet? Are you in the ”someday/tomorrow” mode…

Some people have it naturally to just go and do it, work like crazy and full throttle from day one. Others have it a little more difficult and are a slow starter, put in one gear and stay on that for a while. I was that guy before, I was fully pumped and motivated at first at a few days past, a few weeks and it felt like I wasn’t going anywhere.

And the goals for January or February was reached in May, June or July.. So I reached the goals but not within my deadline, so I had to work from an uphill rest of the year to catch up.

Like a job when you get an assignment after assignment before you had time to finish the first. You have to work longer hours, you might need to sacrifice time, sleep etc.

Before I got really frustrated about this until I realized how valuable it was to learn this and to be able to have that challenge. It really made all the difference for coming weeks/months and years.

Because now I have learned from those ”mistakes” what not to do, start slow. Also I have learned that I can have multiple tasks at the same time and still achieve the goals.

We need to get challenged so we can grow, just like in the gym. We need to breakdown the muscles before we can build them stronger and bigger! The mind works the same way, always remember that.

So are you feeling frustrated now, haven’t come as far as you wanted before the year started?  Good! Learn from it and grow, you will never fail until you truly give up. That is the only time you will fail for real.

Me personally haven’t come as far as I thought I would at this time, this will only make me work harder and catch up everything.

Are you with me?? 

Let’s go. Believe to achieve!



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