Vacation for life

Hey guys,

Just came home and I have settled in and gathered my thoughts from this vacation in USA and Bahamas.

This was so far my best vacation yet. I went on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean with my fiancé and her parents.

Yes you read that correctly, my fiancé, she said yes to me!!

I have finally after 27 years found the girl I wanna marry. So this vacation became even more special for us. It was truly a DreamTrip!!

We started of flying to Orlando Florida last friday and spend a night at Copa Cobana beach resort.

The cruise ship Norwegian Epic set sail 4pm on Saturday and this is I think is the 3 largest ship in the world, 4300 passengers was on this ship.

We started of with 2 days at sea before docked on a island called Tortola where we bought some local stuff and ice cream of course, this island was amazing. But we actually rented a boat and went to another Island 30 minutes from Tortola called Virgin Gorda.

On this island we went swimming and cave exploring at a place called Stoney bay and Devils bay. Such an amazing experience and first time for me seeing clear blue ocean.

We had a full day here before going back to the ship. Next stop the day after was St.Thomas and this was also an amazing place.

St.Thomas was more ”city” then Tortola so here we just went exploring the town and trying some local cuisine. We had half a day here before going back to the ship and set sail to Nassau in Bahamas!

Nassau was a real paradise but also a great place to see downtown of Bahamas and their culture.

They have the downtown Nassau and also outside of the ”city” a place called paradise island where a lot of celebrities have houses and the hotel Atlantis is also located there.

Me and Marina put that on top of this years travel goals to go back there and stay at Atlantis. We walked around just outside and it looked ridiculously luxury, so exactly what I want.

After Nassau we had one more day at sea before coming back to Orlando and have a full day there before going back to Sweden. I’ll continue about this in my next post and also talk about the engagement how I proposed. 💍

I am also going to talk about the ship Norwegian Epic, we had our own balcony cabin and still 4000kr cheaper then other booking sights.

Believe to Achieve!



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