Norwegian Epic+DreamTrip 

Hey guys,

My first feeling of Jetlag last night, haha. It felt kind of weird and I slept for about 12 hours.. but no more of that, like my friend Anders says, ”I rest when I am dead.” And he runs to companies almost by himself so trust me, he don’t sleep. 

This vacation was my 5th since April 2016 and my second Dreamtrip. It was my best vacation so far, it had everything I wanted. Great room/cabin, fantastic food, great gym, great weather and good company. 

The Norwegian Epic is the 3 largest ship in the world and trust me, it was big. It had everything from water slides to climbing walls to basketball courts. 16-17 floors and we stayed at the 9th floor with a balcony cabin. 

The first thing I wanna say is don’t book anything other then a balcony cabin, it made this vacation 50% better. It was like a smaller hotel room and to have a private balcony made everything. 

Just to wake up in the morning and grab a coffee to sit there and look at the sunrise or sitting there with a glass of wine in the evening was so great and it felt so luxury which I love. It do not cost that much more and the extra you pay for it, it will be worth it.

On this Dreamtrip we also got 125 dollar from our travel club to spend on anything we wanted onboard the ship, even if we had all-inclusive you can spend it on drinks, casino, shopping etc.

The shopping onboard was great, so much cheaper then of the ship, they had everything from luxurious diamonds to valuable artwork to alcoholic beverages.

We actually went to an art history lecture and also an art auction where we also won  an artwork, so that was a great memory to bring from this trip. 

Another thing that made this vacation even more special was that I proposed to my beautiful girlfriend and she said YES!! So now the wedding planning starts. It feels crazy in a good way to say that. 

I had thinking of asking here the question for a while and two days before the cruise I got the idea to ask there. I thought it would be great to ask her when we were in the Caribbean and also when her parents was with us. 

So I found a great ring two days before and started to ”plan” how I would ask her. So 2 days into the cruise we went to the Manhattan room which was a more luxury restaurant then the buffe food dining. 

Just before dessert I went down on my knees in a crowded restaurant and asked, she was a little surprised I think but she ain’t no fool so she had some idea that I was going to ask. I might have tipped her of when I was sweeting like a pig and also had I hard time to breath;) 

What was great about the Norwegian Epic also was that the more luxury restaurants was also included in the all-inclusive food. Half the meny anyway, so I felt great when I could order 2-3 New York strip steaks+ dessert without thinking of the cost.

All in all, this Dreamtrip was super and the ship was great. You can see more pictures and videos on my or Marinas Instagram accounts or facebook. Any questions you can always email me. 

Next blog post I’ll write more about the stops the ship made in Tortola, St.Thomas and Nassau I Bahamas. Also more about Orlando where we spend almost a full day. 

Believe to achieve! 



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