Next vacation?

Hey guys,

I have now been home over a week and my fingers are on the search engine for more vacations, life is truly better when you can travel and discover the world. I love to travel and get to know new interesting people that have different experiences and wants to share them. 

Like when I went to lunch alone sometimes on the cruise I never sat alone, often got to a conversation with a new person, mostly Americans but I love them. 

Travel is not just about visiting a new country and checking it of the ”list”. It’s about experience a new culture, new scenery and meeting new people. Trying new food and flavours. 

People tell me sometimes that I have to read the paper back home in Sweden because that’s what you are supposed to do and you get ”knowledge”. 

I laugh every time. I prefer my knowledge I get when I travel and experience the world instead of reading about it at home and when dose the news paper bring good news? It’s the same thing that it was 5 years ago. I prefer to brainwash my brain with other things. 

So when is the next vacation? I really don’t know, we are going back to USA in the fall, but that’s way to far to wait. Budapest is coming up, but that is in June.. way to far. 

If we are lucky we will go back to USA sooner, we might go there in April to Dallas Texas, there is a 50/50 shot. Depending on money, family stuff etc. 

But expect me to be somewhere around the world! 

What do you guys love most about traveling? What’s on your bucket list this year? Any place you can recommend? 

My bucket list where I wanna travel within a short period of time:

1. Rome Italy

2. New York 

3. Santorini Greece

4. Hawaii

5. And of course back to the Caribbean!! Love that place. 

And the list goes on, but those are where I wanna go right now. 

Believe to achieve!



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