Hey guys,

Something that crossed my mind after talking with a few people about goals and what they want and where they are in life.

Trying to tell people that everything in life consists of choices that we have made in life, those choices has made us who we are and has led us to where we are today.

Some might say that ”but I did not have a choice because this happen to me or this etc”. Absolutely, somethings we cant change, our parents are our parents and when we are younger it is harder to make your own choices but it is possible.

BUT, we still can make choices. Like when I grew up and my parents was not there or they were too drunk to notice, I could have ”act” out and done stupid shit and just stopped with everything. I could have stopped going to school, stopped with my soccer practice and just stop caring about everything.

But I knew that I wanted more out of life so instead I made a CHOICE to work harder so I could leave that place, get away from the things I didn’t wanted. I saw a life I did not want to have, I made a CHOICE that I deserve something better.

Later when we become older and are adults we have more power to make choices for ourselves, now we truly can control our lives. So now we have no excuses, now we have the power to choose our lives and have control.


And you know what the first choice is? The first thing to do, is to start trying, if you never start you will never finish. Simple! Try to become better then yesterday, try to tell yourself everyday that you are powerful, that you can reach all of your goals. Tell yourself in the mirror everyday what you wanna be. If you do that long enough you will start to believe it and when you truly believe it you can achieve it.

Let’s make a list together of what you wanna become or things you wanna be better at or things you need to tell yourself because you don’t yet believe it.

My list: 

I am bigger and gain weight (muscles)
I am a great public speaker
I am a millionaire
I have the best and strongest team in Sweden (Team Boom).

Now, make your list and use the words ”I am” when you are talking to yourself in the mirror, it will become more powerful then. You gotta first believe and know that you already are/have it.

Comment on your list and let me know what lists you have. Have at least 3 things.


Believe to achieve.  



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