Hey guys,

Sitting on the bus thinking back to just 1 year ago when began my journey as a self-employed. I have always been self-made with my thoughts, goals and dreams.

But never thought about the concept ”self-employed/entrepreneur”, looking back now it was the best decision I ever made. The benefits about it:

– Never ask permission when to travel and take a vacation. You are the boss!

– You control your hours and when you wanna work and most importantly where to work. Sit at home one day, work at your local coffee shop the next day etc.

– How much money you make is totally up to you, what you put in you will get back. If you work little you make little, you work a lot you make a lot. Most important, there is no limit on how much!

– You get to network a lot and you meet new people who can become business partners or even friends. 

– You choose who you work with, you decide your colleagues.

The downsides of being self-employed: 

– You have to have discipline if you wanna get somewhere. This is actually a positive aspect I think.

– You have to work your ass of. There is a saying ”Entrepreneurs rather work 100 hours a week for themselves instead of working 40 hours for somebody else”.

– You will fail, that’s something we all have to accept. The most important thing is to see it as a learning stage in the beginning.

– You got to have patience, because it will take time to achieve the lifestyle you want. We all become self-employed/entrepreneurs for various reasons. 

I think that’s about it, there is 100 of others benefits and downsides more to it am sure, but these are my thoughts about it. What do you guys think? 

Remember that every big thing that was created sound crazy at first and a person that said I’m gonna do this or that also sound crazy at first.

Believe to achieve!



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