Hey Guys, 

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week? What has the standard been for you this week?

Something interesting happened yesterday when I had a coffee with one of my friends at the local coffee shop in Old town Stockholm. 

He is a bodybuilder like me so we discussed training and nutrition mostly during our fika. About 5 min before we left a older lady sat down next to our table so she heard the end of our conversation.

I remember talking about the benefits about bodybuilding and how to incorporate those things to the other parts of our lives. The goal setting, the patience and the discipline you get from bodybuilding. 

So when we started to get up and leave she said ”Just so you know, training is very dangerous”. She told us that she had read in the paper the other day that a man had died of a heart attack because of training. 

She was genuinely serious about this and when I joked about ”if it says it the papers it has to be true because it doesn’t get more scientifically then that right”?;) 

People started to listen around us and laughed a little bit when I said that ”joke”, but she was firm and said basically that if it was in the papers it was true. 

This got me thinking, is it really like this out in the world? Do people actually use the newspapers as their source for the truth and also as in this case a scientific truth?

This lady was between 50-60 years old so of course she is older and has grown up in a different time, but their is a lot of people who are 50-60 years old in Sweden. What if everyone believe the things that is in the newspapers? 

Isn’t this very interesting how so many people believe everything that is in the newspapers no matter who crazy it sounds like in this case that training causes heart attacks. What do you guys think?

Believe to achieve!



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