Is success measurable compared to others? What is success?I believe success is personal, aren’t you successful if you have reached goals you have set out to achieve? 

Somebody wrote me, ”how can you write about success when you aren’t successful yourself, you haven’t done anything in your life”. You aren’t qualified to make tips”
How can you know if I am successful or not? Do you know my whole story or where I started? What I started with? Do you compare my success with yours? Or with somebody else’s? It’s a lot of questions that has to be answered. 
We all have different stories and where we come from:) My job is to motivate you from the best of my ability and hopefully inspire you to believe. 

Some people are here in life to bring people down, others are here to raise them up! Who do you think are more successful, the person that raises people up or the person who try to bring people down?

Which one are you?



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