The new chapter!

Hey guys! 

Finally we have settled in and started some routine to our new day to day life in Visby Gotland. This is really exciting and we have been looking forward to this, to start something new, a new chapter in our lives. 

For you guys that don’t know me and Marina has moved to Visby over the summer to run a local ice cream/coffee shop. We have rented out our apartment back in Stockholm for a long time and we don’t know when or if we will come back.

After the summer we are going to the USA and see what will happen, we have our goals set and we know what we want to achieve. Now is the time to take action!

My book of life has been the same chapter for 4 1/2 years now, that’s how long I have been in Stockholm. To long if you ask me.

I said from the beginning I moved to Stockholm it was only a pit stop towards other things, just another chapter. Now finally I can start writing a new one and this chapter will be very exciting I promise you that. 

Stockholm has been fantastic, ups and downs of course but mostly ups. All the people I have gotten to know has made some effect in my life and teached me something good or bad, thank you everyone that has been part of my Stockholm chapter and I mean everyone. 

But now it is a new story that will begin and first a summer in Visby and something I have never done before, manage a ice cream/coffee shop. You can find it on Instagram @glasscafetwisby 

Next blog post will be about my day to day routine and the new gym I train at, a really ”hardcore” old school gym that reminds me of my old gym back in Sandviken. 

Believe to achieve!



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