The new day to day!

Hey guys!

I am on the way back to Gotland after a weekend in Stockholm with personal development event, I love my company. I’ll talk more about that later.

Something that I noticed when I arrived to Stockholm on Friday morning after being away for 2 weeks was that I did not miss it at all. I had the exact same feeling I had when I left 2 weeks ago, that I was done there. 

Life at Gotland is great, it’s a different mindset, new people and like I told you the last time a new day to day life. Gotland is a 4 months thing so the routine will be pretty much the same, I know my goal and what I need to do. 

Now is the time to do it. 

A normal day can look like this for me:

– get up, drink 1/2L of water then I eat breakfast. 

– Go to the gym and workout. 

– Home and eat again before going to Glasscafeet and open up. 

– Work at Glasscafeet, laugh, have fun and eat a few times during the day. 

– Close Glasscafeet and then have a few business presentations.

– Home, eat again, read a few pages from my current book or watch a movie. 

– sleep.. 

One of the best things is the new gym, I decided to train at Gym1. It is more of a old school type of gym, reminds me a lot of ETC in Sandviken where I started out. So this has given me a new motivation. 

Another thing is that I can walk everywhere, I have 2min to work (my own work, I have no boss except my fiancée of course, happy wife happy life). I have 15min walk to the gym. So no more stress to catch the subway so I won’t be late.

Also, in Visby there is a lot of tourists and I love to meet tourists and listen to where they come from, where they are going… I am a tourist myself so it’s awesome to talk to more people that loves to travel. 

Goals this summer: 

1. Have people say, ”what a great service they have at GlasscafetWisby and they always smiling”.

2. Bake awesome treats to my guests. A funny thing is that I actually wanted to be a baker when I was little, now I reach another one of my goals. Is not that success?;)

3. Create a team with likeminded people. 

4. Reach my goal body weight before leaving for the USA. 

5. Read 3 books.

That is a few of my goals, my main goals to achieve this summer. I wanna look back at this summer and just have a smile on my face. 

What is your goals this summer? If you are in Visby sometime, stop by GlasscafeetWisby and say hello. You can find us on Instagram. 

Next post will be about my weekend in Stockholm. I learned a lot of great things but also learned a lot about others, with some people I saw the real side of them. 

Believe to achieve.



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