Budapest and BootCamp

Hey guys,

On my way back to Gotland after an amazing weekend in Budapest, Hungary. This was a great trip. We came in Thursday and flying home now.

The company had their famous BootCamp event during Saturday and Sunday. So we had Thursday and Friday to explore the city and Saturday and Sunday to be inspired, to learn and to grow!!

This is one of my favorite ways to travel, to mix exploring like a tourist in a city and also meeting my fellow members from around the world during an event like this. 

This is Nathan from the U.K. He is a great businessman and a real funny guy. We will see each other soon again around the world. 

This is one of the best things with this company, the people you meet are like you but think different and comes from different backgrounds. So you can always learn from people like this and you make friends all over the world from every culture. 

So on Thursday when we arrived we went out to town after checking in at the hotel, a nice 4 star hotel right next to the big subway station. 

We went out for food of course, Marina screamed for Langos. Me I wanted to eat some chicken pita kebab 😁 I always eat that in the Eastern Europe countries, love it! 

We also went out to find an okay gym so I could train Thursday and Friday. Lucky for me there was a great gym just 10min walk from the hotel. I did 3 workouts, 1 on Thursday and 2 on Friday. Then I rested during the rest of the weekend since the event is all day both days. 

We also tried this nitrogen ice cream that was cool to look at how they did but not a favorite for me.. I think I have pretty high standards after my visit to Parma 2 weeks ago. 

On Friday we went out to explore some more. The weather here was super hot!! So it was tough to walk around but with a lot of water and black coffee I manage to stay cool! 

I recommend Budapest even if we didn’t stay that long but we will go back there on one of our amazing Dreamtrips we have to the 5star hotel Corinthia. 

The event with the company is hard to put in words but I can say this, now I know how the people that was with Facebook in the beginning. You have to come with me to the next one and you will understand.

Believe to achieve! 



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