Hey guys,

It’s been hectic since we came back from Budapest and BootCamp. A lot of work at the Glasscafet and we also have had a lot to do outside work. Friends and family has visited, celebrations and things like that also. 

It is still fun and I enjoy running the Glasscafet but I am starting to count down the days until we are leaving Sweden and go after our goals. It is going to be very exciting year. 

Until now this year has been great when I am thinking about it and looking back. I have been on a dream cruise in the Caribbean and proposed to the girl of my dreams. I have been to Parma and visited the Barilla Academia, the Parma cheese and ham factory. 

I have been to Budapest and a crazy event with my company. We have rented out our apartment in Stockholm and run a icecream shop in Visby. 

I have also been to ”stora Karlsö” with Marina, it’s a smaller island outside of Gotland and it’s also a national park with all kinds of birds and animals. 

Right now I am reading screw it let’s do it with Richard Branson and his life philosophy is really all about fun, to enjoy the moments and that money is an means to an end. 

He is a guy we can look up to in that regard and really appreciate life and make the most out of it. 

So as good as this year has been, I am only half way through it. Can’t wait to enjoy every moment of it. 

Like yesterday when I was at work and outside getting the dishes and cleaning the table I was with my back against the square (our icecream shop is at ”stora torget”) and there was a street musician there playing with a flute. All of a sudden he starts playing the lord of the rings theme song and I got the most crazy chill ever. 

I just stopped with everything I did and sat down at one of the tables, closed my eyes with the sun in my face and just smiled with the music in my ears. I really enjoyed the moment. 

So let’s do this, time to work hard so we can play hard later ✌️

Believe to achieve! 



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