4 weeks to go!

Hey guys,

Now I am really counting down the days, 4 weeks until the adventure begins. The summer here in Visby has gone by so fast and it has mostly been working and training, of course with some fun. 

But the real adventure and fun begins soon when me and Marina leave Sweden and makes the world our work and playground. Starting with USA and San Francisco then Seattle. 

All my life I have always wanted to have a job where I don’t have to go to an office, I wanted to control my own hours and I wanted to work from where ever I was when I wanted. Doesn’t matter if it is Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday! 

Now this can finally happen and I can start working towards having passive residual income. It was only recently I came across that word and understand what I mean.

When I understood it’s meaning I knew that it was what I had been looking for my whole life. 

So in 4 weeks the new life will begin and I have a fantastic partner that wants the same things, so it’s going to be amazing. I also have a fantastic company behind me so I feel very optimistic for the future. 

My training has been going great, I have really been working hard this summer to improve my overall physique and improving my strength in the basic exercises. 

I have plans to compete again but everything in life has to match at the same time when I am going to start a diet. But I am longing for some stage present now;)

I have a great company with great people behind me, proteinbolaget is a young company with young guys behind the wheels so I believe they have a great future. Thanks to Johan Ederer for believing in me. 

Sunday and today I am going to do some heavy deadlifts and hamstrings. I will also planning the road trip me and marina are going to do in the USA. 

Believe to achieve! 



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