The planning!

Hey guys, 

Sunday and I just had my back workout done, it went crazy good. The latest workouts has going fantastic! Good strength, focus and pump in the muscle. 

I feel motivated, I have felt motivated the whole summer. One reason is of course that when traveling the food and training won’t be as easy as it has been now. So I take advantage of this now. 

What I think will be most difficult is trying to keep my weight that I have busted my ass to get. When you travel you have a different focus then getting your meals in. 

The back workout:

– chins superset with bent over barbell rows in a 90 degree angle 

– Bent over barbell rows with a higher standing angle

– seated row (the picture)

– Lat pull down narrow grip 

– Lat pull down wide grip

– Bent over rows with dumbells 

– Bent over rows with a ez-bar, reverse grip. 

Training is easy, there is always a gym wherever you are or in what country you are in and you ALWAYS got time. But eating the same amount if not more and be consistenty with the meals is a little harder. 

Do you guys have any tips when it comes to the food? Without eating out in restaurants 6-7 times/day. Haha! Money saved money earned.

Today Monday and it is planning day for me and Marina on our USA tour, more exactly where to go and how long we should stay and so on. 

Getting in contact with our Dreamtrips family and friends to see where we can go and what to do with them. One of the benefits being part of this company, the friends you get to know world wide. 

Believe to achieve! 



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