Back to Caribbean!

Hey guys, 

Finally I booked my next cruise in the Caribbean, going back once again in January. Another thing to look forward to! Last time we cruised with Norwegian Epic and went from Orlando Florida to Tortola, St.Thomas and Nassau. 

This time we are traveling with Royal Caribbean and the ship Liberty of the seas. We are going to Conzumel in Mexico, Georgetown on Grand Cayman and Jamaica. So new ship, new places it can’t be better then that. 

Thanks to my membership we were around 6000kr cheaper then the other booking sites👍

If you haven’t been on a Caribbean cruise, go on one ASAP!! For me it’s the ultimate vacation if you just want to relax in luxury. But also see different places and cultures and people. 

I wouldn’t have loved it if didn’t stop at different places during the week. To explore a new island is one of the best things during the cruise. 

What’s great about a cruise:

1. Its luxury and you have everything you need on the ship.

2. You never get bored since there is 100 different things to do everyday. 

3. I like to eat, here I can eat as much as I want and there is a 100 different things I can eat. I can eat healthy and tasty or just eat unhealthy and bing out, you have choices. 

4. I always recommend to book a cruise with a balcony cabin, that makes 50% of the vacation better. Just to wake up early and grab a cup of coffee and sit out there, watching the sun rise and hearing nothing but ocean, ultimate relaxing for ME. 

5. You got a state of the art gym and everything you need for a great workout. 

Believe to CRUISE! 



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