Another chapter done

Hey guys,

Woke up this morning with a sense of excitement and happiness I haven’t felt in a while. I have a routine now that I get up every morning and drink a cup of coffee, read 10-20 pages of the book I currently reading then eat breakfast. Perfect routine for me! What’s yours? 

Last day here at Gotland and it’s been a very intense summer. Even if it has been almost all work and no play it has been great. Me and Marina are happy that we did this and also that we survived this! Haha. 

But now we want to put this behind us and start the new chapter in the book of life and I love to start new chapters. I will always want more and do more, try new things and never being satisfied with learning, striving and improving. 

Some people say that ”then you will never be happy,” but I am happy during the process, I am living life as I want to live. I am happy doing what I am doing. That is the most valuable lesson I have learned this year. To always be happy! Strive to be happy everyday.  

You shouldn’t have a goal to be happy because then you aren’t happy in life if it is something you strive to be later. A goal is something that is away from you but you want to accomplish it in X amount of time.  

Having a penthouse in New York, a house on Hawaii. Becoming 3xIMD, Making 10 million dollars or more, workout with The Rock, publish a book, being on the Ellen show, that’s goals. 

But happiness is not a goal it’s a way of life that you always need to ask yourself, everyday, am I happy with life. If not change it FAST! 

So today we will be back in Stockholm BUT never fear, we will only be there until Monday. Then it’s time for USA baby and it’s also time to do what the immortal Johnny Wimbreys words say INCREASE! 

This journey is going to be sooooo exciting and I am looking forward to see what we can accomplish now with our new mindsets. I also looking forward to meet my fellow Dreamtrips friends and colleagues around the world! #ysbh

Believe to achieve! 



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