Hello San Francisco! 

Hello guys, 

We are finally here! But it was close twice that we wouldn’t be here, haha.

First in Sweden at arlanda when we checked in our bags, I did not have ticket out of USA so in a little panic mode i just booked a bus ticket to Canada. Saved and on the flight to London!

In London when I checked in to the last flight to San Francisco, she told me to show the ticket out of USA. I smiled and showed her, yep I got one.

”You can’t go to Canada, its under Esta so Canada doesn’t count”. I went completely blue and said WTF!! Are you kidding me. Couldn’t the woman back in Sweden had told me that. 

So another panic mode I booked another ticket, this time out of USA and back to Europe. Talk about waste of money, but lesson learned! 

Now we are here and everything is great, we are staying at Holiday Inn which I am happily suprised how good it is. The gym is non exist, only a few cardio machines so I got to find a gym nearby. 

We had breakfast at a place called Hollywood cafe and damn that was a good breakfast and USA size portions 😁 so even I was satisfied with only two meals. 

Let’s see what the rest of the day has to offer. 

Today’s goals for me as a bodybuilder

– find a gym

– Go to GNC and buy some protein powder.

– Buy a freezer to store my meals in

– Buy my meals so I have for the rest of the week. 



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