Good bye San Francisco!

Hey guys, 

Friday and it is time to leave San Francisco for now, it has been 4 great days here and this town is very special. There is such a different between the different districts.

China town, Japanese town, Castro, filmore and downtown. Just walk a few blocks and you are in a completely different part and there is completely different people. 

My favorites were Castro and filmore. What I highly recommend for everyone that wants to come here, rent a bike. That’s what we did. 

Rent a bike and give a full day to it, to explore and just bike around the different parts of San Francisco. We started at fishermans wharf and went Zic zak all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. 

It was hard with all the hills, crazy hills.. haha! But totally worth it!

I mange to find a gym, 24 hour fitness just 5 min from the hotel, great gym but not so big as I thought it would be. I also ordered 10 food boxes from Local Foodz and picked everything up at Max Muscle nutrition store. 

I have never tried that before but damn it is convenient to do this, the time you save and of course money instead of buying out all the time, specially if you eat 5-7 meals/day. 

I had 2 food boxes yesterday and it tasted really good, so the quality was great. The best parts also is the it is measured, when you order the food you decide how many carbs and protein and fat you want.

Then it says on each box how much of everything it is! 

Now we are leaving San Francisco, we are about to pick up our car we have rented for a few weeks and we will be driving north today. Let’s see what the world has to offer.

If you are reading this and are on the west cost, California, Oregon, Portland or Seattle. Let me know and let’s grab a coffee, have a workout together or something.

Believe to achieve!


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