Roadtrippin the west coast

Hey guys,

I am in a hotel all the way up in Portland and damn what a beautiful city this is. As soon as we arrived here I was like wow, it’s beautiful. Maybe we have found where we wanna by a house;)

We left San Francisco Friday and started our journey towards Seattle, we have stopped a few times to live the lifestyle as professional tourists and discover this amazing country.

We have seen a lot of different things during our trip, the small towns and some bigger towns. Fort Bragg was a small town with something called the Glass beach.

Long time ago people put all their trash there and now what is left is smooth sea glass. 

I have never slept in a motel roadtrippin USA, but it has been on my bucket list. Now I have, haha. I have to say, the motels was not as bad as I thought it would be. 

Then we drove trough the Redwood forest and I have to say again, WOW!! I promise you, this is the coolest trip I have ever done. 

To drive trough this forest has been such an experience, it’s a whole other world. The trees are so BIG and old. Sometimes it feelt like we were driving trough a tunnel made of trees. 

If you are thinking of doing a trip to the USA, drive trough redwood!! 

Then we came to an even cooler place, Crater Lake! Haha WOW again. This is an old vulcano that has become a crater with such a beautiful water. 

We stopped there and went on a hike, yes I Mike Eskola did a hike and yes it was worth it when I came to see this view…

Tomorrow we will see a little more of Portland before driving to Seattle where we will be a while, getting together with some of Marinas family and also expanding our Business. 

I am really excited about that, we have a grand opening tomorrow night at a restaurant outside of Seattle, if you are in town, DM me. 

Best company in the world, #ysbh. 



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