Family time on the road

Hey guys,

Sitting here drinking my coffee and looking out over the lake Samish, we are staying with one of Marinas family members in USA. 

We have also been staying in Olympia outside of Seattle and Bothell outside of Seattle with her other family members. They have been so good to us and let us come and join there daily lives. Everyone has such a big heart. 

This has been on my bucket list for a long time, to stay with an American family and see how it really is. When I was young I wanted to do an exchange year but it never happened. 

This is of course even better, such amazing experiences we have had and it is not over yet. 

I went to my first ever high school football game and that was almost exactly as I had imagined it, it was just a little louder then I thought, haha. But all the family were there to support, big supporters and cheerleaders, maskot. 

The players were also so good, I wanted to play so bad and I surely would have had my ass kicked but it would be fun. 

I keep on training at different gyms also of course and I love it. I have been at a place called the Valley in Olympia, Fit Republic in Tacoma and Golds gym in Bothell. 

The Valley: I give the valley 7/10. Great gym with focus on everything, not just gym, they have EVERYTHING. But the gym was great, it feelt more of an old school type of gym and I like that. Great leg machines and seems like nice hardworking people training there. Why not 10/10? It is kind of expensive and it is very big, a little to big for me. 

Fit Republic: I give 8.5/10. I completely new gym and I mean NEW. So we got to train for free. This was also a big gym with high sealing but you had everything in one giant room, so that was great. They had different brands on the machines which I like a lot and think is important. They also had climbing wall and like an monkey park for people who like that stuff. Why not 10/10? It was to new, haha. It feels to weird when the bars and dumbells are so new. But in 3 months it will be a 10/10 gym. 

Golds gym: I finally made it to one of the Golds gym and it was actually nice to start with a golds gym in a smaller town. I give this 9/10. This golds was one giant room with also a seating area where you could eat you food or hangout before and after the workouts. 

Different brands on the machines which is perfect. High sealing, all kinds of benchpress, squat machines etc. they could have had a little more hammer strength machines I think and two out of every machine. 

So that’s my take on those places, today I will try Fit evolution in Bellingham. 

Believe to achieve! 



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