Washington state and family 

Hey guys!

On the road back from Lake Chalan with Marina and her cousin and husband. This was an amazing place to visit, it’s eastern Washington. So maybe a 4-5 hours drive from Lake Samish where we have stayed. 

Marie and Dick are the ones we have stayed with at Lake Samish and they are wonderful hosts and among the nicest people I have meet. The whole Little, Goodman family are amazing!! 

They wanted us to see something more then only this side of Washington state, so they took us to this place called Lake Chalan. I highly recommend it, it is a hidden jewel. 

The time here has been amazing, I love that we have stayed with Americans and lived with them so we could see the American lifestyle instead of only see hotels and tourists places. 

The Washington state where Dick and Marie is actually a place where I could buy a house and live a few weeks out of the year. 

I finally got my thanksgiving dinner with an American family also, bucket list check!! They did one early just for me. So now me and Marina will have one at our home this year. 

I keep up with the training and never letting my eye of the price, love to train here in the American gyms. Next spring I think I will be ready to make it back to stage. Let’s see what I can unfold. 

Next week it is time to leave unfortunately, back to San Francisco to leave the rental car and then fly to the east coast and spend a week or two there before leaving America for now. 

It has so far been a great adventure and a trip of a lifetime, made new friends and family. So let’s see what the last 2 weeks has to offer before taking a break from the vacation;) then back to America in January again. 

We also visited Vancouver in Canada, nice city but nothing more in my opinion. 

Believe to achieve! 



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