Los Angeles!

Hey guys!

Last week in Los Angeles and also last week in United States for this time. Wow, it has been a great journey and you learn to appreciate ”home” more when you spend so much time away. 

Because I have not been home in Stockholm since April/May. I moved to Gotland over the summer then straight to USA from there. 

 But I love everything I have done, it has been a real adventure and I have also meet amazing people who I love for the rest of my life. 

LA has been awesome, it’s a GIANT city but it has different parts that are great and the metro is very good in my opinion. 

I have completed a few of my goals/bucket list goals here. 

– Visit the walk of fame in Hollywood, 

– been to universal studios and Harry Potter town. 

– Visit muscle beach and Venice beach.  

– Workout at Golds gym Venice. 

Tomorrow we probably will go to Santa Monica and golds gym Venice again. Hope Arnold will be there this time;)

Then on Friday we fly to New York for a few days before a fly back to Stockholm and Marina to Kilimanjaro. 

It will be nice to come home for a while and work my ass off, yes I actually love to work as long as I choose what I wanna work with and it gets me closer to where I wanna end up in life. 

In January we are going back to USA and a Caribbean cruise, I think around 2 months is good enough time to be home before traveling again. This time we will not be traveling for so long, haha. 

This travel club has truly changed my life and I love it. Before I really enjoyed my life with just working at Swedbank and going to the gym and doing some tv jobs here and there.

But now I really LOVE everything and I have also find my path and tool to get me where I wanna go in life. 

Have you found your tool/path to take you where you wanna go? If so, congratulations!! If not, email me and maybe this is the tool for you also. It’s a teamwork company. 

Believe to achieve! 



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