Thank you USA 

Hey guys!

Home in Sweden and in Stockholm soon  after being away for a few months and been traveling for 2 months in USA.

Wow what a fantastic journey it has been together with Marina, we sat down yesterday before we said goodbye to each other and looked at all the photos from this trip. They things we did in the beginning in San Francisco seems so far away. 

We have loved this trip but also challenging, we now know how we don’t want to travel. More planning and staying a little longer at each place and travel no more then 2-3 weeks. 

My favorite parts of this vacation is:

– meeting Marinas family, wow what a crazy and lovable people. 

– Universal Studios, I felt like a child again and visiting Harry Potter city/land has been on my bucket list for a long time. 

– Driving in the redwood forest, if you have a chance to do that in your life DO IT!! 

– meeting Arnold, the one and only terminator. Seeing him in real life was WOW. 

– New York City, no words needed. Bucket list, dream of mine since a was 10-12 years old. 

– Going to Lake Chalan with Marinas family, such a fantastic place. 

And of course the absolutely best part, sharing this all with Marina. She is a more experienced traveler then me but I tried to keep up;) 

New York was the best, we both love to walk in new cities and NYC is definitely a walking city. We walked around 20.7km yesterday, haha. Tried to see as much as possible within 2 days and I would say we made it. 

My favorite part of New York? I have no favorite part, it is the whole city combined that makes it amazing. So if you have not been there, go right now and experience it. 

Now both me and Marina wants to feel a little of the Swedish weather and our own apartment, work like crazy then go on another holiday. Dreamtrips is the best. 

I have to say how I have changed since I started traveling more and prioritize that. You learn so much about everything and about yourself when you travel. New experiences and new people are the best and sharing it with people you love, that’s life. 

Believe to achieve. 



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