Happy birthday!

Good morning world,

It’s November 14 and my 28th birthday in this lifetime. It is with mixed feeling I once again say happy birthday to myself. It has been a long road to be where I am today and the crazy part is, I have only scratched the surface of this life.

What I am most proud of this time looking back a year is I feel like I finally have found more peace and I am less stressful inside. It is hard to exactly describe the feeling.

Imagine you have had something big on your shoulders or like you are walking around making walking lunges all day with 100kg more. That feeling is almost gone for me!

How? Why?

I don’t really know, since I got back from USA and our 2 month journey I feel a little reborn somehow. I feel calm, happy and grateful.

Maybe it’s because I look at things different now, have a different approach and attitude towards lives ”challenges”. But I think the biggest different is that I feel more grateful for everything I have right now in my life and how life has been these past 28years. So thank you!

Since I got back home I have also felt very good and motivated towards my training and it has gone really well, gained around 6-7 pounds total.

Much thanks to my better half in life Marina. We have made a small deal that she will cook food for me so I can really put in the work in the training and diet to reach my goals. I pay here with date nights at least 2 times a month, the restaurants of her choosing.

It feels good to be in Stockholm right now, meeting friends and training partners again. But we will be on the move soon enough anyway. This time a shorter vacation to the Caribbean in January.

Having that planned makes everything a little easier back here in Stockholm.

Today’s recommendation, read Tony Robbins new book Unshakable. Like always Tony can really use his words and change ones mindset. I have read 4 of his books and those are the books that has changed my mindset.

Believe to achieve.



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