Being back?

Hey guys,

I have been back in Stockholm for a while now and back to the ”routines”. I have been focusing a lot on my training and nutrition to see how far I can take it before my cruise in January.

My goal is at least 108kg, with 110kg as the ultimate. I started at 100-101kg when I came home from USA. Today I weigh 106kg!! That is my highest weight ever, I had a top weight of 103 in summer.

Everything has gone better then I anticipated and I have felt great. I started eating around 4300-4500 calories and now I am up to 5000 from yesterday, so I will see if I can keep adding more weight.

These calories comes from normal good food, I don’t count junk or anything like that. When I eat things like that it will be counted over 5000 calories. This wouldn’t be possible without Marina, she really helps me and supports me and cooks my food.

That’s why I eat 6-7 meals everyday now and that’s why everything is going so well.

Why do I do this?

I do this because I wanna see if I can reach this goal and I am very curious to see how I will look around 108-110kg since I am a little taller for bodybuilding I have to weigh more in order to look ”big.

I also do cardio 6-7 days a week, just walking 15-20min/day to increase my hunger and of course feeling better mentally so I don’t become a fat bastard. I can accept a little chubby but now fat;P

I will keep you updated and I actually going to weigh myself today, 106kg last time, I always get a little nervous before. You know these ”what if” feelings are coming up. What if I have lost a little weight etc..

But you know what? Who fucking cares, then I just eat more;)

Believe to achieve



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