Working on my list

Hey guys,

I have been trying to work on my list, I have many lists but this one I started a week or so. When I turned 28 I felt something, don’t really know what. But I felt a little scared/panic/unfulfilled or something like that.

My thought was ”shit I am getting old fast”, haha. I know I have done SO many things these 28 years and especially these last 2 years of my life and since I got back home to Stockholm I have felt a little empty.

Because the way I have lived life the 2 months traveling USA with Marina, that’s how life is supposed to be lived according to me. Experience new things, new people, new places everyday, surprise life each day somehow and always smile.

I know some might say ”but that’s not true, you have to work also etc”. Yeah of course, but most people work so they can experience life like this for a little while.

So why not try to work and find things that can create that life for you before 65-70 or whenever you ”retire”.

BUT back to the list. I went to a seminar with Gustaf Oscarsson and he had done a list ”100 things to do in 500days”. That inspired me so I started a list 100 things to do before 30!

It can be the smallest things or crazy BIG things, but at least I will have something to work towards. It’s hard to find 100 things, I am up to 55 things right now. So I will work on the list right away and also add things along the way.

I know most people have a bucket list and things to do in life. But do you have a list like this, before 30-40-50?? It can be fun, try it.

Believe to achieve!



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