Year of new things

Hey guys,

Last day of 2017 and like the year before this year has only become better then the previous year. Like I mention before, New Year’s Eve 2010 I made myself a promise that from now on life will only be better and each year will be better then the previous.

I will increase each year!!

I have been able to keep that promise to myself and really taken control over my life. It feels goooooooooD!!

This year has been a year of new things, that’s how I would describe it the best.

– I went on my first Caribbean cruise with the best company Dreamtrips.

– I swam in clear blue water for the first time in my life.

– I got engaged to the woman of my dreams

– I traveled to Italy for free with barilla. Where I went to a cooking class at the academia barilla.

– I moved to Gotland over the summer and became a baker and cafe owner.

– I went to Budapest on an event with 5000 entrepreneurs.

– I checked of my number one bucket list, road trip in the USA 👍

– I became an entrepreneur.

2018 is around the corner and this time I have done something completely different then before about goal setting.

Normally I set up goals for the year to come. But since I have started on my list (100 things to do before 30), I will have that as my goal settings for 2018.

It will be super exciting and it will be hard to top 2017 since it was a CRAZY year. But I’ll keep my promise to myself as always.

I wonder what theme 2018 will be…

believe to achieve



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