DreamTrips cruise

Hey guys!

Now I have been back for 2 days since our Caribbean cruise, another Dreamtrip with Worldventures! Love this company.

This was my second Caribbean cruise and I love it, for me it’s the ultimate form of vacation with luxury, food, culture, relaxing and things to do. I am trying to make this a tradition within the family so we go every year together.

Like the last time it was me Marina and her parents. Hopefully the whole family can go next year:) This time we will wait until February or March.

January was not as good weather as last time, it was still good but it could have been a little warmer and less windy. Other then that it was great. Last time we went in February and the weather was better.

This time we traveled with Royal Caribbean cruise line. We went with the ship Liberty of the seas, a fantastic ship, big and luxury with a lot of things to do on the ship.

The food was great of course and I am amazed how good the buffet food is every time. Big plus.

On this ship you could ice skate also and they also had a thing called flow rider where you could surf!! It was awesome, but a lot harder then it looked, haha.

We stopped at three different places, first Cozumel Mexico, then Grand Cayman Islands and last Jamaica! I thought Grand Cayman and Jamaica was the best, Cozumel was like the canary island of the Caribbean.

So cayman and Jamaica we wanna go back to sometime later. That’s a good thing with cruising. You get a day at a new place/country and then you can find out if you wanna go back and have a longer holiday there.

As always the gym was great on the ship, only thing you can’t train like you normally do is legs but you can get the job done anyway.

Compared to my last cruise I preferred Norwegian epic over royal Caribbean. Norwegian felt more comfortable in the way that they didn’t have ”formal” nights where you dress up etc.

It’s not really my thing to dress up on a vacation, especially in the Caribbean. In Caribbean you can find me only with flip flops and shorts with a T-shirt or tank top.

Also the food was a little better on Norwegian, felt like they had more option and when you love cruises like me you notice details. So it was small details with certain things that Norwegian made better then Royal.

I think I gave Norwegian 10/10 so I give Royal 7,5/10 👍

ore going on the cruise we spent 2 days in Houston Texas and there we visited NASA Space center, that was pretty cool. I am not that into things like that but I think everyone would love to go to NASA. It is a great experience and also kind of overwhelming.

How smart humans can be and what they can build.

e pictures you can find on my Instagram @mikeeskola or any questions you can DM me there.

Let's plan the next holiday!

Believe to achieve.



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