Time flies, 14kg up. Black Panther!

Hey guys!

Time really flies and it has been a roller coaster ride for me since I got back from the Caribbean late January. I have been sick for a week or two then I also lost my voice and still can’t speak. It really sucks.

So training as been going up and down, I have had some really great days and I feel really strong then after I got sick and my voice became like this I feel I just have ”trained” to keep what I have and not really been going forward.

Also been dealing with my knee again, same problem as last year.. so this really hurts mentally for me since squats is my love.

So it is not until now I starting to get back to it like I was before, I maybe train 90% capacity at the moment and hopefully when my voice get backs I’ll be 110% again!

Lucky for me I have great people at my corner and hang around with fun people!

The biggest issue has been the food lately, I don’t have the same apatite when my body is like this and the voice is like this, my troth is so dry so it’s hard to eat properly.

But I have to give myself I pad on the back for keeping the weight. I am around 114kg at the moment and it has been a struggle to get there but now I need to keep it until I’m back to 110% training. Then I will go for 120kg!!

This is surreal for me, haha! Since I have always had a hard time gaining weight, so I convinced myself anyway. But when I got back from USA I told myself now I am going to get HUGE, no excuses anymore.

14kg later I am still here, haha.

I am going to push it more and see what I can make happen in the gym and with my body.

But first I’m going to get back to where I was, health wise and not stress out over this. Because that is something that happens for me right away, I start to stress out about loosing weight and getting smaller and not being able to move forward. I hate standing still;) Lol.

So I am working mentally on this, to keep calm to just live and enjoy the process and say to myself that I will be back to it soon. I have many years left in the game!

Another thing, I saw Black Panther 2 weeks ago. One of the best Marvel movies ever, I give it 9/10!! Watch it.

Believe to achieve.



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