Avengers infinity war!

Hey guys!

Yesterday I finally saw Avengers infinity war, I have waited a long time for this and tried to avoid any trailer and spoilers.

How to describe this movie in one word is hard but the first thing that comes to my mind is WOW!!

After the movie was done I walked out of the movie theater and my mind was all over the place thinking ”what did I just see”.

I knew this movie would either be horrible or GOAT!! And it was truly GOAT (greatest of all time). Thank you Marvel for bringing this to my life, haha!!

Since it was so many ”main” characters in the movie I was excited to see how they would mixed every character into the movie and they actually did it perfect.

But what I was most excited about was of course Thanos and how this badass would be! I tell you guys, he was in my book perfect 👌 I was not the bad guy I expected but he was better!!

I give this movie believe it or not, 10/10, I have never done that but how I felt after the movie says it all, I had a mixed of sadness, excitement, laughter and ”what just happened”.

Go see the movie!! Let’s see if you feel like me, haha.

Believe to achieve!



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