New story new life

Long time to see,

A lot of things happens as always and we try to have new adventures all the time. Since the last time I wrote a blogpost I have quit my job at Sats Telefonplan and moved to Visby ! Surprise surprise.

I miss all the people at Sats already, it did not felt as I went to work lot of times. I loved working in the gym environment and since I knew everybody there it became I fantastic place to hangout and train of course.

But the reason why we moved is only because of location, not work or anything. We felt that we wanted a new scenery and more life quality and we feel we can get it here.

It is also always nice with new things and not get to stuck in the same routines, don’t you agree?

I’m gonna start improving my updates here on the blog now that we have moved and more posts about training will come. Maybe even YouTube when I feel I have the discipline to keep everything up and going there.

I have bought gym membership at two places here in Visby. First one is Gym1 who is a bodybuilding/weightlifting inspired gym with a lot of motivation and inspiration everywhere and the gym owner Kim is a great guy.

Then I have also gotten a membership at Elit gym which is located in Östercentrum just outside the wall and like 5min walk from home.

It’s also a really nice gym with great equipment and it’s not that big and that’s what I like. I recommend both those places.

Believe in the GainZ



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