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Hey guys!

Yesterday I was at @krusmyntagarden with the family for dinner, I love these sort of things but the hard part is always the food.

I’m a guy who likes routines when it comes to the food and at this place you did not order things because it was a fixed menu already with different kind of lamb as the main course.

But you can always adapt at places like this, so I asked for extra lamb steak and 2 extra bowls of potatoes and lamb+potatoes is good quality food.

Then I had 2 brownies for dessert just because at this point in my offseason I can do that.

Sometimes you have to pay extra You things like this (this time I didn’t have to), and if you have to pay extra it is worth it so you can still live the lifestyle that you do everyday but still can hang out with family and friends.

Because family is what really matters in life!



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