Settling in

Hello guys,

Starting to settle in here in Visby more and more, the only thing is the heat, it is so warm and I can’t work normal in these conditions… but I just need to survive a few more weeks then it becomes colder.

The good thing is at the Elit Visby gym the AC is freaking good, so you can go to the gym just because of that! And train the shit out of you of course

I keep training as good as I can and I have surprised myself with the cardio, I actually enjoy the suffering from the different types of cardio that I do.

Rowing machine, sled push and more. It’s fun to combine this type of training with the bodybuilding. Because training has been a little bit ”confusing” a while now.

What goals should I have? What should I do? Where should I devote my time etc. these questions comes up.

When I watch the cross-fit competition and documentary I wanna do more cardio type workouts and when I’m at the gym I just love to lift heavy and the feeling of pump is not as satisfying as it was before!

A part of me wanna still become huge and as big as possible and another part say, let’s go all in everyday for 2 years and see if I can make it to the cross-for games! Lol..

life is complicated and a lot of fun, let’s keep it interesting. Right?

Whatever it takes.



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