Hello guys!

So I can summarize this summer in one word, work. Lol! Not funny at all. Been working very much this year and especially this summer, when I moved to Visby I ended up with 2 jobs all of sudden.

But now it’s starting to get back to normal with one job, it was a self made choice of course. When you move you always need money so you can have a good start at the new place.

I think Marina even had 3 jobs, haha!! So I should not complain. But now we have sold the apartment back in Stockholm, next week we are getting the last of our stuff and can really start to build our new apartment the way we want it.

But what I wanna say is that I don’t mind working a lot when I have to, for a short period of time.

I had one of my oldest friend visiting a few days ago and he loves his job and I know he works very much all the time but he doesn’t mind that because he loves his job.

That’s something I want, I think that’s something everybody wants. But how do someone finds it?

Trying different jobs/things? Finding your passion and somehow make that your job?

What do you guys think?



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