Time flies?

Long time no see!

It has now been a little over 2 months since me and Marina moved to Gotland and it has it’s ups and downs of course!

New place means new routines and new things and new people and that is always something you have to adapt to.

I was in Stockholm for 2 days this weekend and it was Sooooooo good to meet everybody that I left when I moved from there and Sats Telefonplan looked GREAT!

When you leave something you notice how much they meant to you, sometimes you don’t know until later. Sats Telefonplan was a special place with special people and the gym was of course great!

So every time I am in Stockholm you know where I’ll be! Lol.

Gotland is great but I have not settled in yet, life has been work and training mostly and for the last 2 years life has not been like that for me. So the emptiness I feel has a little to do with the people from Sats Telefonplan but also from the travel life I have had these 2 years!

But the good things with Gotland will come, I need to find a crazy bunch of people like the ones I had.

The good things about Gotland is that everything is in walking distance and when we doesn’t work so freaking much me and marina gets more time with each other. Our apartment is getting better and better and it will be great when everything is finished. We have also bought a Cat who we are totally in love with, haha.

But the main thing is that I don’t know what to do really anymore, where to go from here. Where is the next road, when does the next chapter begin.

I am searching for new opportunities and hopefully something will come!

BUT training is going really good. I feel more trained and in better shape then I have in a long time.

Been adding more cardio in the form of intervals and rowing workouts with my weight training and it feels great.

My weight is around 105kg now and I wanna keep myself there or even move up a little bit my main goal is losing a little more around the waist but not dieting like I did before the summer.

My waist is 103cm last time I measured it and I want it at least under 100cm!

What I have done these last 6-7 weeks:

– started with intervals cardio, around 20min/session and around 4 days a week.

– I eat around 3300-3400 calories/day with less fat the before.

– I try to hold back on the junk food in the form of sugars like ice cream and mud cake . I eat it but try to do it 1-2/week.

– I do rowing for 600-1000m everyday after my weight training. GO CrossFit 😅⚰️

Try these things out and keep your calories high and let me know what happens!



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