A different vacation

Hello guys!

So now I have been here in Parga Greece for 5 days and this place is really nice. If you want to relax, swim in the ocean and just lay in the sun this is a perfect place for you.

I loved this place for 3-4 days but after that I kind of wanted to get out of here. This type of vacation is nothing for me more then 4 days. Maximum!

Since Parga is a smaller town also there isn’t much things to do. Don’t get me wrong, love to go on vacation and relax but I prefer a vacation where you always can see new things everyday.

But now we have tried this type of vacation also, now we know more of what type of vacation we prefer.

The ocean here is amazing, the first day we spent all day there and swam with the fishes and it was truly amazing.

The Greece food is always good but I kind of getting tired of souvlaki… LOL

The training here is kind of limited so I do what I can, I do some arms and shoulders and chest. I can do like one exercise, so I do that for 10 sets. Just to get some blood flowing in the muscles, so that always feel good enough when you’re not able to go full blown!

I also do cardio like every other day here, 15-20min high intensity intervals. The good thing is that you have to learn to be creative on gyms like this, so that is good training for the brain.

We got 3 days to go here and tomorrow we are going on a boat trip to different islands to snorkel and stuff like that, so that is something we really looking forward to. I’ll update you guys on Sunday or Monday with everything.



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