Not as planned

Hello guys!

Last day here at Parga Greece, tomorrow around lunch we are flying back to Sweden! It has been a nice vacation and taking a break from everything else back home.

Yesterday did not go as planned, we had booked a boat trip to another island called Paxos, a really beautiful island. Before going to Paxos we stopped at another island where we could jump in the ocean from the boat if we wanted to. Of course I did.

I have never seen this crystal clear water ever, it was amazing to be able to see under the water for 20-30m!!

But the day got worse because for the first time I got boat sick and damn I felt terrible. By the time we came to Paxos I couldn’t eat or almost sit up, I just wanted to lay down.

I did my best and we walked for a while around Paxos and it was nice. I just felt bad for Marina since we both were so excited and this sickness fucked everything up!

But I was able to hold the puke down so I consider that a big win, Lol. Today I feel a little better but not 100%.

Last day today, let’s see what we are gonna do. Reading and swimming mostly I guess.



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