Good to be back!

Hey Guys!

Saturday morning and we are back in Sweden and in Visby again. It feels good with the little routines again and good to be ”clanging and banging” again as the rock would say.

It was good with a vacation as always but also as always, you want more! Haha. That’s the goal, live like that all year. But to achieve that we got to put some work in!

I have questions myself a little bit sometimes about my seriousness to training, I don’t have a competition goal anymore, not at the moment anyway.

I told myself I would not train like this or be this serious if I didn’t compete, but 4 years since my last competition and I train harder and more then ever without actually having a super clear goal.

But I have listened to The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) lately and he said something that I feel I can relate to, that the gym is my ”anchor”. It’s something I need to keep me focused on everything else. If everything around goes to shit the gym/anchor will always be there for me.

A lot of people might say but don’t you love it? Of course I like to workout, but I love the feeling of training more then the actually training! Since training hurts, it hurts like hell and that’s not ”fun” or love at that particular moment at that last set on squats or deadlifts…

So here I am training as hard as I can because it keeps me grounded and focused on the rest of my life. I believe I won’t ever stop, maybe change it up a little bit when I get older. But I think I got a few more years in me;)



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