Marvel Venom (spolier)

Hey guys,

So now it has been 2 days since I saw the new Marvel movie Venom and I often wait 1-2 days before I write about it, to see how it sinks in and what I think now compared to right after the movie.


So I’m gonna give this movie 6/10 and I have only given a Marvel movie under 6 one time and that was Thor Ragnarok. 

Venom was a good movie, it wasen’t a Wow movie but I did not expect it to be anyway. Tom Hardy is a great actor and he was good in this movie. It was a little to much comedy for a movie like this, they could have made this movie a little darker since it freaking VENOM. But they have an audience to please (wrong audience according to me). I told you a spoiler might happen so stopp reading if you haven’t seen it.

But another thing also that was a little weird was Ed Brock and his fiancée who seemed so mad in love, I mean really crazy in love. He made one misstake (a big one) and they broke up… Hm.. So that was a little weird or to much.

Venom was cool and the effects in the movie was cool, like I said, could have dialed down the comedy a little more and made Venom a little darker. But I recommend for you guys to go and see it in the movie, it’s worth going to the movies for.  Also, if you go and see a movie, don’t leave when the movie ends, read up on why you should wait after a Marvel movie;)

”We are Venom”.




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