Nothing new

Hey guys!

Bad updates here because right now I feel uninspired l, very much unfortunately. I haven’t settled in yet here in Visby and are having a hard time doing so!

But I’m doing my best. The hardest part is work, trying to do something fun but fun jobs is hard to come by these days so it’s more a matter of survival.

You have to be creative around here but that’s hard to be when you are uninspired. But I have started to work at the gym I train in, just as a sales person but that’s something anyway.

If there I something I feel inspired to do that is work at the gym. This is a good gym with a lot of potential, so I think I can do good things there if they give me the permission to do my thing.

Back to the creative part, I try and try to think of things to do. I really want to do something that’s my own.

Something that I have started in a small scale is baby clothes, that’s an idea I have had for a while. So ”BabyBuilder” is officially born. Right now you can find different types of clothes at

Check it out and let me know what you guys think!

I am also now going to start my Personal training education, finally. I feel I wanna do a serious go at this now. So far I have most helped friends and people I know a little more and gotten very good results. But I feel I wanna expand even more now.

So I start the education after New Years! That’s something I’m looking forward to. Let me know if you are interested in booking some spots already. I’m not gonna take many clients, I rather have few and concentrate all my time on them.

Here we go.

Believe to achieve



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