What is a great gym?

Hey guys,

I love being at the gym and the environment of it all. It usually is a great bunch of people at the gyms, people laugh and enjoy the time there and people talk to each other and are having fun at the same time they are suffering.

But what is a great gym? Of course everyone might have other opinions of what they think is a great gym. There are tons of gym out there nowadays so finding the right fit for you is hard sometimes.

My opinion what a great gym is:
– Good staff that have great knowledge about the gym and training in general. (most important). Not more knowledge then you necessary  but they should be interested in gym training. 
– Dumbells more then 40kg. 
– Good opening hours
–  A mix of people, fully competition people to normal gym people to senior citizen. 
– A good mix of different machines. 
– Good size, not to big. 


So these are some of the things a consider important for a great gym. It’s hard to get all these things today at a gym and I have seen a shift in the gyms for the past 10 years. When I started to workout in the gym, it was more of ”small down the basement gym, without staff” that was popular, at least outside of the big cities. It was supposed to be a little hardcore. Even Sats Fridhemsplan in Stockholm was a little bit that type of gym, also Sats Medborgarplatsen before it became Sofo. But they had staff of course.

I was really into that also, I went all in with the hoodie over my head, balls to the walls, training alone etc. Lol. I remember those days so well. I created an image for myself where I lived. But today I feel that the more ”normal” gyms are popular, where you have staff that are smiling at you and asking you ”how’s the training going” etc. You have people to talk to at the gym and people are training together, laughing together and are having a good time.

The mix of being a serious athlete but still able to having a good time is more great today then it was before I think, a little of the same thing Arnold and the guys during the 1970:s had. It got lost a bit in the late 1980:s and 1990:s. But now it’s getting back again.

I love it, I feel more joy then ever when I trained at a place like Sats Telefonplan, where there is a family kind of feeling with almost everybody, no matter who it is or how serious they are with their training.

Here are my top 5 gyms where I felt awesome training: 

  1. Sats Telefonplan, (not because I worked there). Great staff, awesome people who knows how to make people feel welcome. We have people there who have been there for almost 10 years or more and still going there, that’s a good sign. Now that they have renovated the place also it has become a top notch place.
  2. Gold’s gym Bothell outside of Seattle, I trained there while we were doing our USA roadtrip last year and that place was great, Not to big, great equipment and machines and even if I had never been there I talked to people and people where nice. I also saw how they talked to each other and had a good time.
  3. National Fitness and Racquet club in Klamath Falls. This was a mix of hardcore gym with normal also in there. The first thing I noticed was the Staff, they were great and so welcoming to me. Then the gym was built a little like I would want to have my gym, they had a big big area where all the barbells, machines and equipment was. Then the cardio machines was one floor up with the view over the gym area. Also with all the gyms in USA, they all have a vending machine with gatorade etc, that is awesome.
  4. 24 hours fitness in San Fransisco, there are a lot I know, but I trained at the one who was closet to Fishermans Wharf. That gym was great. Great and friendly staff. One floor with 3 different areas so to speak. It was the cardio area, the machine area and then the free weight area. It’s good when they mix it like that so people who want’s to do the free weights do it away from the cardio etc. I talked to a bunch of people there and said that is was a great 24 hour fitness gym. It was inside a small type of mall.
  5. Gold’s gym Venice. Of course I have to have gold’s gym venice here in the list. I love that gym BUT, it is way to legendary for someone like me. You kind of get lost in the crowd and don’t know who to talk to. Maybe that’s a movie/sing star who want’s to be left alone or thinking I am a annoying fan. Lol.. But other then that, it is great. Awesome machines and weights and it screams motivation from the walls.
  6. I also need to put Fit Republic in Tacoma here, that gym was brand new. One floor with everything you need.

I have trained at a lot of other greats gym, here in Sweden and in other countries but these are the ones that stuck to my mind the most. I have a lot more gyms to try and that’s something I really love to do when traveling, try out the different gyms.

So if you travel sometime, give me tips of good gyms or ask me of good gyms if I have been there.

The thing I value the most nowadays at the gym are great people, if you have that, you will never have a problem going to the gym! 


Believe to achieve.



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