What makes a good Personal trainer?

Hey guys!
I thought I would keep up with some writing about the gym and fitness world. This time my views about what makes a good personal trainer?

There are tons of personal trainers out there today and what I understand it is not to difficult to become one and want to spend 30-50k for the education. If you want to work at a gym you have to have the education.

These are some points that I think is a must for a personal trainer.

  • The person must have a very strong interest in training and nutrition in general and also applies that to him/her self. I have seen personal trainers that almost not workout themselves.. 
  • Become a personal trainer for the right reason, if money is the reason maybe you should look elsewhere. It’s true that some personal trainers make a lot of money but I don’t think that’s the first reason why they got started. Also I think that most people don’t know how much work it is to keep track of every client you train and have a different training/nutrition schedule to each individual. 
  • Don’t just talk, show and do instead. Don’t make your clients do things you would not do in the position. 
  • I would personally prefer a personal trainer that has a fix clientele, a specific sort of people they help. Maybe one who is training people for a competition, or one who want’s to help you just get in shape and overall health or maybe people who has certain injuries etc. 
  • Look at the track record from previous clients and see what they say about the person. 
  • But the most important thing is that you are supposed to work with your client for a certain amount of time before they can do it themselves. Not to know all you know but they should be able to stand on their on legs so to speak after 6-12 months. But also maybe you have a client who just needs a kick in the ass to go to the gym and that’s why they need you, then it is another story. 


Everyone has of course different opinions of what makes a good personal trainer today and everyone might need a different trainer then another person might need. It all depends on your specific goals.

Believe to Achieve.



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