A DC miracle

Hey Guys,

2 days ago I went to the movies to see the new DC comics movie Aquaman and of course I was very sceptical since 9/10 DC movies sucks. Still, I have to see them, haha. And I was very surprised, a little bit of chock even because the movie was very good actually.


Believe me, I am a Marvel fan at heart but you can still like DC movies. Since my favourite super hero is Superman! But that is thanks to the old show called Smallville, I loved that show when I was a kid.

Then when DC came out with Man of steel I was very disappointed, I had so much expectations to that movie and it did not live up to it at all. Then Batman Vs Superman came out and that was even worse and then Justice League which was one of the worst movies ever.

So my love for DC wasn’t great before this movie, but I actually liked Aquaman a lot. I give it 6,8/10. I like how Arthur Curry was so different then everyone else and absolutely did not want to be a hero at all. I also love the sea and the magnificent of it all so that’s also why I liked Aquaman. 

Something the previous DC movies has done a lot of misstake about is the action and comedy, it feels like they have to have big ass explosions and wars and over the top shit to happen in order for it to be a good movie. Like in Batman Vs Superman when Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman team up against the monster, that was only bad bad and bad. It was to much.

And like in Justice League they tried to make in to much of a comedy with The Flash and made him only to look like a big bafoon but in reality he could kick everbodies ass in 2 seconds.

So here in Aquaman I feel they toned it down with the previous misstakes they had done and that saved the movie from it being another big time flop. Remember that more is not always better. It was more ”epic” moments like they had a little bit in Man of Steel.

So I recommend for everybody to go see this even if you are not a big DC fan, I think you can like this movie anyway, maybe not love it like a Marvel movie but I think you’ll like it.



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